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Aidelco | Why work with us?

Aidelco | Why work with us

 1    expertise

Aidelco | Expertise

Aidelco employs and collaborates with a team of highly educated and highly skilled professionals from a wide range of disciplines. From Double taxation experts to forensics accountants, rest assured we have the expertise to custom design a solution for you.

 2    Aidelco’s holistic approach to integration



Aidelco | Holistic Logo

The majority of our consultants had key positions in the corporate world before assuming a position at Aidelco. It’s not uncommon for our consultants to have lengthy experience as top-notch executives in positions such as CFO, Directors and Auditing professionals, spanning a wide range of industries, from FCMG to Shipping. Today, in a corporate landscape that has been transformed by post-recession, credit crunch and tighter oversight such as Sarbanes-Oxley, we believe that working with consultants that are corporate-world savvy is of fundamental importance. This edge is key when integrating cutting edge solutions to existing corporate entities.


 3    Our relationships



Aidelco | Building Trust

From establishment till present, we have developed strong long term relationships with our clients. In fact, most of our first clients are still our clients to this day. We are absolutely honoured by this and strive to create trust with each of our clients. This is reflective of the work we do and the quality we deliver.



 4    Value



Aidelco | Building Value We offer to you what matters the most. Quality and experience at affordable pricing and deliver the highest value for your budget.





 5    Confidentiality



Aidelco | Confidentiality

Confidentiality and secrecy is part of the ‘’True North’’ principle of our code of conduct. We guarantee the confidentiality of your Aidelco Experience through:




  • All information on our site is open view. We don’t obligate site visitors to register or open an account with us to view ‘’more’’ information. Thus, we do not have a customer database that can be printed or electronically breached and exported.
  • We therefore do not maintain a customer (or viewer) database in the same space as our office where the rest of our corporate documents are securely stored.
  • All our consultants work under a non-disclosure agreement and all our clients are protected under a robust security clause in our mandates.