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Offshore Company Formation



Aidelco is able to register on your behalf, companies in the following. jurisdictions.

                   Bahamas       Belize          Bulgaria

      Anguilla                      Bahamas                  Belize                        bulgaria

…..BVI               Cyprus        Delaware                      Gibraltar

      BVI                               Cyprus                    delaware                 gibraltar

Hong-Kong                      Liberia    Mauritius          Panama

  Hong Kong                         liberia                   mauritius                 panama

Ras-Al-Khaimah                       Seychelles    Singapore          Switzerland

 Ras-al-khaimah                     seychelles            singapore             switzerland





Offshore company formation

Our Commitment and Service

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Aidelco offers you executive service from start to finish. We don’t just register your company (Ofsshore company formation), but also present multiple plans for the integration (anonymous or not) of your offshore company to your existing corporate and tax structure.

Our specialised team consisted of skilled people  who all have extensive experience as tax experts, forensic accountants, auditors and not only in the corporate world are at your disposal to:

Offshore Company Formation | Account Manager


  icon-briefcase Assign a dedicated account manager to you (no more having to deal with multiple people).



Offshore Company Formation | open close  icon-gear Open and close companies at your discretion without you actually having to visit the  juristiction/s or our premises.

 icon-gears Open and close bank accounts at your choosing, remotely, without you actually having to visit  the bank. Cards and e-banking can also be similarly arranged.


Offshore Company Formation | Mandate


 icon-legal Enter into a confidential mandate with the Principal (you) to sign contracts on your behalf as well as issue invoices.

 icon-legal Enter into a confidential mandate to administer the company’s bank account according to double signature  segregation principles and transfer instructions.



Offshore Company Formation | -

 icon-book Where applicable, your dedicated account manager will also see to the correct compliance of your accounting  statements and yearly audits where required.

 icon-book Depending on jurisdiction, where accounting compliance and auditing is not required, your dedicated account manager will still  formulate statements and accounts off-book.



Offshore Company Formation | secretary-

 icon-certificate Produce company documentation (certificate of permanent residency, certificates of incumbency. good standing etc).

 icon-certificate Corporate secretarial duties.

 icon-certificate Increase/Decrease share capital


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