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Liberian Offshore Company


Liberian Offshore Company | Aidelco Consulting

 Liberian Offshore Company 

Liberian Offshore Company | Aidelco Consulting

  • Liberian Offshore Company | Aidelco Consulting Liberia, officially the Republic of Liberia, is a country in West Africa bordered by Sierra Leone to its west, Guinea to its north and Ivory Coast to its east. It covers an area of 111,369 square kilometres (43,000 sq mi) and is home to about 4 million people. English is the official language and over thirty indigenous languages are also spoken within the country. Liberia is the only country in Africa founded by United States colonization while occupied by native Africans. Beginning in 1820, the region was colonized by African Americans, most of whom were freed slaves.

    The colonizers (who later become known as Americo-Liberians) established a new country with the help of the American Colonization Society, a private organization whose leaders thought former slaves would have greater opportunity in Africa. African captives freed from slave ships by the British and Americans were sent there instead of being repatriated to their countries of origin.

    In 1847, this new country became the Republic of Liberia, establishing a government modeled on that of the United States and naming its capital city Monrovia after James Monroe, the fifth president of the United States and a prominent supporter of the colonization. The colonists and their descendants, known as Americo-Liberians, led the political, social, cultural and economic sectors of the country and ruled the nation for over 130 years as a dominant minority.

    – Source Wikipedia -.

  • Liberian Offshore Company | Aidelco Consulting The ship and corporate registers are administered under a statutory contract between local agents and the Republic of Liberia and have not been affected by the two civil wars and its aftermath. Liberia has remained the world’s 2nd largest shipping registry after Panama with 3,500 vessels registered, and has over 60 million gross tons of shipping flying its flag. This is known as ‘’Flag of Convenience’’.

    A country richly endowed with water, mineral resources, forests and a climate favourable to agriculture, Liberia has the opportunity to rebuild the economy and infrastructure damaged by the civil war and make the most of new international investment brought about by the changed political situation.



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Liberian Offshore Company | Aidelco Consulting

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Liberia Key Company Features
Company type Non Resident
Type of Law Common Law
Requirement for registered office and address Yes.Must be maintained in Liberia at the Licensing agent
(handled through our office).
Name restrictions Names of existing firms,or names similar enought to
cause confusion.Also names that would contain Bank
Chartered and Insurance.
Language of name English or other in Latin Alphabet
Allowable suffixes Suffixed that denote Limited Liability. This would include
Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, Aktiengesellschaft,
Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, Société Anonyme,
Sociedad Anónima or any other suffix indicating that the
corporation is not a natural person, or the relevant abbreviations.
Corporate Taxation Nil, as long as income is not derived from Liberian residents or
Corporate legislation environment Association law as ammended in 2002 and the Business
Corporation Act.
Language of legislation and official documentation English
Restrictions on Trading A Liberian registered company cannot indulge in
activities related in banking and assurance and or
conduct business with Liberian Companies or
Confidentiality Names of real shareholders are not subject to
disclosure to authorities.
Stability Fair
Formation Time 1 Week
Bearer Shares Bearer shares are not permitted
Timezone GMT
Share capital requirements
Official currency L$
Permitted currencies Any
Share capital requirement None
Minimum Directors 1
Requirement for local administrator or Director Yes
Location of meetings and General Assembly Anywhere
Minimum number of shareholder/s 1
Public records access requirements No
Company Secretary
Requirement Yes
Local or licensed requirement Yes
Statutory Accounts Requirements
Accounting/Reporting requirements No
Annual Tax returns No
Requirements for Audit No
Public Accesability of Accounts No
Incorporation Procedure and Documentation
A certified passport copy (or identity card), as well as proof of domicile (ie utility bill) dated less than three months.Note: It is possible to represent you with a confidential mandate.Click on the below link to be redirected.