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Forex Broker License – The Industry 

Forex Business Activities have been highly regulated in the last few years. When a company offers services to it’s clients, whether private or commercial, the company is obliged to carry a license.

No reputable bank will accept FOREX applications from unlicensed companies without a Forex Brokers License, unless of course they trade with their own funds using commercially available platforms. If you FOREX trade or plan to do so, our company can assist you with opening a FOREX account.

The only jurisdiction a company is able to obtain a FOREX icense with low-cost and minimum security deposit is Belize. Aidelco provides full range service including license application service and full annual support.

Procedures and package commitment

 icon-certificate Description: ”Training in Financial and Commodity-based derivative instrument and other securities” license.

 icon-compass Location (License Jurisdiction) – Belize.                    

Procedures and costs of obtaining the above license is as follows.

The Procedure

1 ) Belize Company Registration with share Capital of at least $100.000.

2) Opening of Account at a Belize Bank to host the paid-up capital plus an EU Bank Account for future operations purposes (Note: This account cannot be used for accepting clients monies).

3) Preparation and submission of all neccessary documentation needed for the IFSC (International Financial Services Commission).

4) Deposit of funds in Belize Bank to satisfy Paid-Up Capital.


Initial Fees

 icon-credit-card Proffessional and Agent Fees – Inquire P.O.R.

 icon-credit-card Govornmental Fee (IFSC)for Application review – $500

  icon-credit-card Initial IFSC Fee – $5.000.

  icon-credit-card  AML and Business Plan preparation based on your requirement – Inquire (Price on Request).

Annual fees

 icon-credit-card  Proffessional Agents Fees – P.O.R.

 icon-credit-card International Financial Services Commissions Fees – $5.000.

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