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What is a Business Plan? 

A business plan is basically a written and illustrated description of your business future. A documented plan on what it is on you want to do, how you plan to do it and at which stages. The core mechanics of a business plan is inherent strategy. It outlines how you start with resources and abilities at point A and reach to point B.(usually 3-5 years), at which time your business will have a different set of resources and abilities as well as greater profitability and enhanced assets. 

Who needs a business plan? 


Business Plans | startupMost great businesses today conceived their beginnings on paper for a variety of reasons. Whether to attract investors or just to gain clarity within their organisations, in retrospect, their business plans were the first step to a successful business down the road.

Established Firms

Business Plans | established firm | Aidelco Not all business plans are written by startups. Many companies have written, or commissioned consulting companies to draft a business plan for them when they were well past their startup stage. Many middle stage businesses draft plans prior to penetrating other geographical markets or when seeking additional rounds of investments. In any case, a business plan is an invaluable tool to convey the prospects and mission of the business to investors, customers and vendors. 

Who is my business plan audience?

Business Plans | audience | Aidelco When offering an in-depth understanding of your business through your business plan, what’s appropriate for your venture, and what it will take to ensure success, it is always important to keep your reader in mind when writing one.

Potential readers can vary from bankers to Venture Capitalists. Although this group may be diverse, it’s definitely not a finite one. Each type of reader has their own typical interests and have to be taken into account when formulating the plan for your audience.

Proffessional venture capitalists see hundreds of business plans every year and most receive no more than a brief glance before being rejected. It’s important for the Executive Summary, which is regarded as the teaser to your business plan, to be written in a way that will generate first-impact interest.

How long should my business plan be?

Busines Plans | long or short | Aidelco This is usually a subject of hot debate in proffessional circles and is very closely related to the above point as you have to cater to a wide audience after generating first-impact interest. Bankers tend to be more formal than angel investors and place greater emphasis on financial strength, whereas angel investors need more emphasis on proof of concept. Therefore, business plans have enough sections to cater for all audience and are around 15-30 pages (without the appendices).

What is the typical content structure of a Business Plan?

business plan structure | Aidelco

This will depend greatly on the company and industry. The prime contents are usually as follows: 

 icon-book Executive Summary

 icon-book Mission Statement

 icon-book General Business Description

 icon-book Business Environment

 icon-book Industry background and niche evaluation

 icon-book Competition analysis

 icon-book Products and services

 icon-book Marketing plan (analysis and plan)

 icon-book Operational plan

 icon-book Financial plan

 icon-book Startup expenses and capitalisation

 icon-book Proffessional and advisory support

 icon-book Profit and Loss projection statements

 icon-book Cash flow projection statements

 icon-book S.W.O.T.

 icon-book Attachments, appendices and milestones

Why should I commission Aidelco to draft my Business Plan?


Business Plans | Diversity | Aidelco Most of our consultants have held key positions before assuming posts at Aidelco, such as CFO’s, Directors and Auditors, spanning a wide range of industries, from FMCG to shipping.

Our consultants have the experience and diversity to tackle your business plan and also integrate a touch of expertise gained from other industries. 

We keep it short

keep it simple | Business Plans | KISS | Aidelco With today’s electronically integrated world and time being the enemy for most venture capitalists, investors and other audiences, the art of keeping it simple while conveying the concept is key.  With over 100 Business Plans under our belt, we have garnered enough experience to keep it ”short and simple”, while at the same time maintaining the highest level of clarity and appeal.

If you’re interested in a business plan or a sample of one of our business plans, follow this link and select ”Business plan”. 

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